Page Layout Design

May 10, 2010 at 8:31 AM
Hello Friends, I am new to this Portal. I have been working on this Open Source Project on a hobby basis. While working under this project has been a great experience. I had some new ideas to be implemented in this project. Is there a possibility for the User to Create New Page Layouts and load widgets onto it. I mean to say, currently the project supports 4 kinds of Page Layout. Can the project support new kinds of Page layout design like say the user intends to have 3 columns in first row and 2 columns in second row and again 3 columns in third row. The User should have the option of designing such kinds of Page layouts and load widgets onto it. Is this Possible with the existing Page Framework? Or We need to change the Page Framework? I need some help on this. Can anybody suggest me some ideas on this?