VS2008 - db.GetTable<T>().Attach(obj)

Mar 31, 2008 at 3:03 AM
When I first run the site and click on the Second Page tab or the New Page tabs, I get this error whenever I try to go back to the First Page tab.
I believe I have all the current source code. I got all the code using SVN Checkout, recompiled everything and all.
It happenes here:
public static void Update<T>(T obj, Action<T> update) where T : class
using (var db = GetDashboardData())

On the db.GetTable<T>().Attach(obj); line.

Error Message:
An attempt has been made to Attach or Add an entity that is not new, perhaps having been loaded from another DataContext. This is not supported.

Anyone have a clue what the issue is ?