caching paradigm shift?

Jul 12, 2008 at 12:59 AM
Omar, I am confused by this shift you have made where tabs each have their own query string.  Pageflakes obviously handles it fine without query strings, so I don't understand why it seems like you gave up your method of having everything at one website address.  In your book, I took this away as a major architecture component for caching in an AJAX application.  Now suddenly you drop most caching like its no big deal and barely put a comment about it.  Am I overreacting to how important this is?  My website design which includes a lot of your ideas (which I highly respect because you have experience working on large scale production websites and I do not) is severely affected by this change, and I may need to stop following your codebase as a result.  Please elaborate on this.

                // OMAR Apr 5, 2008: Turning off cache because sometimes page setups get out of sync with the cached item
                //_Setup = Cache[Profile.UserName] as UserPageSetup;
                //if( noCache || null == _Setup )