profile table

Oct 16, 2008 at 7:24 AM
i  want to insert multiple values into profile table in a single collumn  propertyvaluesstring of profile table but it is always overwirittern how can i insert multiple value for a single user for example

        p = (ProfileCommon)ProfileCommon.Create(CreateUserWizard1.UserName, true);
        //1st subscription
        p.SubscriptionLevel = "State";
        p.SubscriptionAreaName = "MA";
        p.SubscriptionAreaId = "25";
        // Save profile

        //2nd subscription
        p = (ProfileCommon)ProfileCommon.Create(CreateUserWizard1.UserName, true);
        p.SubscriptionLevel = "County";
        p.SubscriptionAreaName = "Santa Clara";
        p.SubscriptionAreaId = "0689";
        // Save profile

all the vlalues must be inserted into collum plz suggest the solution my xml schema in web.config file is

        <!--   <add name ="IsFirstVisit" type ="boolean" serializeAs ="Xml"/>-->
        <add name="SubscriptionLevel" type ="String" serializeAs ="Xml"/>
        <add name="SubscriptionAreaName" type ="String" serializeAs ="Xml"/>
        <add name="SubscriptionAreaId" type ="String" serializeAs ="Xml"/>