Integration with CommunityServer 2008

May 6, 2009 at 3:32 PM
I have an existing membership database with CommunityServer 2008 having existing accounts, therefore I need a way to tie in a user to dropthings dashboard seemlessly without having to sign in and also remove anonymous portal viewing. Any tips would be greatly appreicated.

Heres what I think some of  the steps Involved would be -
  1. creat the dashboard specific tables (widgets, widget_instance, etc.) from the dashboard db in the community server 2008 database that contains the existing membership accounts.
  2. Then point the web.config to the community server 2008 database.   Also in databaseHelper.cs, change the applicationId to match the communityserver applicationID.
  3. Also in web.config change all occurances of applicationName="Dashboard"  to applicationName="CommunityServer2008"