Configuration based on query string parameters rather than users

Jul 11, 2009 at 5:58 AM

I'm looking to modify the framework to load pages, tabs, and widgets based on the value of a query string parameter. As it is, the framework is very closely tied to the membership system. I've tried implementing a custom membership provider based on the query string value; this is fairly straightforward, but won't help in my particular application as I realized (after several hours) that I'm using membership for the rest of the site and can't have the uesr be the logged in user one minute and the value of the query string the next. I've tried reworking the framework to use a custom membership user, but realized that when I make ajax calls the query string no longer contains the desired parameter. I'm glad to answer any questions about customizing the membership provider, and would love some feedback about basing the user on a query string parameter rather than the currently logged in user.