Problem with hosting Dropthings.


I have two websites hosted on my IIS. One is a DNN website (abc.com) and other is Dropthings ( IP:84 (Displayed in a IFRAME module in DNN).
Now when i try to access the dropthings from my dnn website i get an error of User not registered for the widget zone.
For authentication is have called the LoginPage.aspx whenever the user views the Dropthings Module for the first time in a session.
I.e. when a user loggs in to DNN website, i call the LoginPage.aspx maually
(redirect to
Also: when i was using the same two site interally (created as virtual directory in my default directry in IIS6.0, everything was working finr
But now i get the following error :
System.ApplicationException: User 345ba58d-35ca-42b4-a79c-ce9278dff7b8 is not the owner of the widget zone 0
at Dropthings.Business.Facade.Facade.EnsureOwner(Int32 pageId, Int32 widgetInstanceId, Int32 widgetZoneId) in F:\Vishal\TFS_Projects\ISDR\WebSites\ISDR_Portal\Dropthings2.3.1\Dropthings.Business.Facade\Facade.Security.cs:line 219
at Dropthings.Business.Facade.Facade.GetWidgetInstancesInZone(Int32 widgetZoneId) in F:\Vishal\TFS_Projects\ISDR\WebSites\ISDR_Portal\Dropthings2.3.1\Dropthings.Business.Facade\Facade.Widget.cs:line 76
at WidgetInstanceZone.LoadWidgets(EventBrokerService eventBroker)
at WidgetPage.<>c__DisplayClass1.b__0(Column column, Int32 index)
at ExtensionFunctions.Each[T](IList1 list, Action2 act) in F:\Vishal\TFS_Projects\ISDR\WebSites\ISDR_Portal\Dropthings2.3.1\Dropthings.Util\ExtensionFunctions.cs:line 36
at WidgetPage.SetupWidgetZones(String widgetContainerPath)
at WidgetPage.LoadWidgets(Page page, String widgetContainerPath)
at _Default.b__0()
at _Default.TrapDatabaseException(Action work)